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How many times you take your time and patience to steady a shot with you camera during a wedding or some other event only to realise after downloading it on your computer or DVD player it is all shaky and about to make you nauseas? Worst yet, if your buddy gets hold of the camera is had too much to drink, you definitely going to get some bad video.

Well Adobe and University of Wisconsin scientists have created software that can correct shaky camera work. There is software on the market that does similar stuff but nothing is advanced as this. Using 3D modeling, it guesses the intended look, then warps the original video to adjust.

Basically, the software examines each frame and warps it to form a steady line of shots based on a 3D projection of the cameras path (courtesy of off-the-shelf Adobe software), giving a buttery-smooth look almost as good as if the camera was on rails. It’s got a few downsides, namely that it can only be applied after the entire film is shot, and the resulting product will need a little bit of cropping. But it still looks like a pretty great tool for amateur filmmakers, and should be available in about two years.

New Scientist

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  1. 137 Says:

    That’s really neat. I;m quite sure it will be an absolutely fantastic feature when its perfected.

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