Trinidad in the future

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I must say, I got a little help from an email that I received in doing this article.

Get a glimpse into life far (or not so far) into the future, in the year

Trinidad government still searching for alternatives after depleting oil reserves in 2036, while assuring the population there is nothing to be alarmed about.

According to latest census statistics illegal Chinese immigrants now account for 35% of the population with Douglas 20%, Indians 17.5%, Africans 17.5% and “other” 10%.

Brian Lara Stadium is almost complete by January 2058.

Over 100,000 people are still awaiting appointments for the “new” machine-readable passports.

The shoulder will now be a legal lane “since everybody uses it
anyway.” Driving up the opposite lane to beat traffic is also legalized.

Crime detection/cases solved statistics for 2009 to 2054:
Murder 12%, Burglary 10%, Rape 3.5%, Kidnapping 0%, Removing Tint from vehicles 100%, Raiding Whore houses 100%

Due to ongoing constitutional reforms, local government elections (due in 2005) have again been put off until 2058 (to coincide with the opening of the “new” Brian Lara stadium).

UNC celebrates 50 consecutive years in opposition. Basdeo Panday says he will step down as leader of the UNC in 2060. A boxing ring is included in all constituency offices to manage the continuous infighting.

And my favorite, the value of Subaru vehicles drops drastically while the cost of parts continues to be highly priced.

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2 Responses to “Trinidad in the future”

  1. ALana Says:

    lol..this is funny.

  2. brakefluid Says:

    … and re-paving the highway on the East/West Corridor is understandable. They believe that it will provide a smoother passage for the floods on the road than in the rivers. Buwahhh! Go smart people go!

    Doh forget cost of Subaru parts still going up

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