The British Couple in Tobago

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For a country like mines that depends on Tourism as a natural resource, it is an utter shame that disasters such as this have to happen before preventative measures are implemented. What I am talking about is the recent attack on the British Couple in Tobago. It is commendable that the representative heads followed up on the matter personally.

It is a shame that the service afforded to tourists at the hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago is not so efficient to locals. Lack of medical care and crime is rampant in this country where the ministry believes that big buildings are all that is needed, and they completely forget about the quality of the service. It’s like having a high tech computer with no software on the system.

To the foreigners that cast a dark eye on the Caribbean, there is a point to duly note however. While I have not had the luxury of traveling, I do believe that there is nowhere safe in this world and you should do all that you can to safeguard yourself but don’t be paranoid. Hiding behind closed doors is not living your life to the fullest. Staying home a nighttime does not save you from vampires. I am saying to just live life like there is no tomorrow but just be aware and be mindful. What you all think, this is “Sleepless in Seattle”? Get over it! Come visit our country, drink our unnecessarily highly priced alcoholic beverages, bathe in our beaches and urinate there while you’re at it. Change your clothes, hang out in some cool places where security is tight and you are good to go.

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