Ah Zebra Meh Say

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Ah wah?   Ah Zebra meh say!
Yes, the ever alternating, unmistakable presence of the Zebra Crossing; subtle in its artistic creativity but bold in its statement.

We all know what a Zebra crossing is and of course, its purpose, so I need not post some long technical definition. One, however, did catch my attention:

“n (Engineering / Automotive Engineering) Brit A pedestrian crossing marked on a road by broad alternate black and white stripes. Once on the crossing the pedestrian has right of way”

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 6th Edition 2003.

Pretty standard, but pay attention to the last sentence, ” Once on the crossing the pedestrian has right of way”

Some of the behaviours I’ve observed on the road recently have led me to infer that some drivers are either not aware of that fact, didn’t learn about it during their ‘learner’s’ period, paid for their permits or display a clear cut case of ignorance, which is the one I’m tending to. The blatant disregard for zebra crossings has become quite apparent to me in recent times.

Tyres screeching on asphalt always seem to grasp your attention, don’t they? Your seeking eyes follow the gripping sound, your mind preparing for the images to follow.

This was my experience on Monday evening while on the main road in Marabella.

It’s a four-lane roadway, and for those of you who have an idea of the area, I was heading out of Marabella, toward the roundabout, behind a vehicle that had halted at a zebra crossing.

A girl in secondary school uniform was making her way across roadway, along the crossing. In the opposite lane, the one closest to me, a guy in a 3 ton truck also gave way to the crossing and it’s passenger.

At this point I had my experience.

Locked up wheels, screaming rubber and pleading asphalt tried their best to compensate for the ignorance of the man behind the wheel. The images registered in my brain in slow motion and though it seemed like more time had elapsed, it only produced one thought/response…’Oh No!’

Tense anticipation quickly turned to relief. The team of brakes, rubber and asphalt convinced the car to stop mere inches away from the girl but had no affect on the ignorance of the driver. He proceeded to gesticulate aggressively, his sheer disappointment and disagreement, it would seem, at the girl’s decision to cross the street. Though visibly shaken, she was able to complete her trek to the other side, unharmed…

Relief quickly turned to rage, no..not ‘road rage’ but ‘rage on the road’ as I witnessed the audacity of this man. An elderly gentleman who was standing at the side of the road also seemed to notice his erratic behaviour and had cause to approach his vehicle and make it clear that there was indeed a zebra crossing on the roadway.

Had he hit that young lady, I’m quite sure he would have been schooled quite differently and I would have helped with the lesson.

So, as drivers on the nation’s roadways, lets do our part and possibly set examples, by obeying traffic laws. Let’s keep our streets safe, particularly for pedestrians. One day it can be your family or friend crossing the street.

Respect de Zebra nah man…

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  1. trinidoc Says:

    I’ve always noticed the total disregard for zebra crossings here but some are in ridiculous places. The one on Wrightson Rd near Crowne Plaza is a prime example. You can’t seriously expect someone to just stop on a road that size or busy. These zebra crossings need to be reinforced with user operated crossing lights.

    As you’ve brought up the danger to pedestrians – do the powers to be care? Have you ever tried to leave the POS Ferry Terminal? At what point are pedestrians given a chance? I’ve seen elderly frail people scrambling for their lives trying to time those lights which only cycle for cars.

    Only when the government starts to act responsibly can we expect it’s citizens to do the same.

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