Fourteen Days

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Fourteen days have passed since the earth shook the core of Haiti and the soul of her people.

Fourteen days since the earth reclaimed the lives she helped create. As she breathed life into dust and created man, so she has turned flesh back into dust.

Fourteen days, more than 150,000 people buried.

Fourteen days of unimaginable pain, immeasurable suffering, unequivocal struggle and chaos.

But those fourteen days have not broken the unrelenting will to survive in the bold face of overwhelming desperation and desolation.

Yesterday, fourteen days after, a man was pulled from the rubble…alive.

With his resurrection and each individual miracle, however sporadic and unexpected, coupled with the global effort in sending aid and support, hope is rejuvenated.

Hope… But what is hope?

Hope can represent a true belief in a wanted outcome or at the same time it could just convey a sense of wishful thinking.
We ‘hope’ that the people of Haiti receive the aid that is being sent and that Haiti emerges from this disaster and begins to rebuild.
Haitians ‘hope’ to see another day…
Sometimes hope may be all a person has and until we are in that position we will never truly understand what the people of Haiti have endured and what they are experiencing right now.

Here is an excerpt from The New York Times’ online publication posted January 26th, 2010:

“CROIX DES BOUQUETS, Haiti — Not long after 14-year-old Daphne Joseph escaped her collapsed house on the day of the earthquake, she boarded a crowded jitney with her uncle and crawled in traffic toward the capital, where her single mother sold beauty products in the Tête Boeuf marketplace. “Mama,” she said she repeated to herself. “Mama, I’m coming.”
Abandoning the slow-moving jitney, Daphne, petite and delicate, got separated from her uncle and jumped onto a motorcycle-for-hire. She arrived alone at a marketplace in ruins and ran, in her dusty purple sandals, toward a pile of debris laced with “broken people,” she said.
Growing closer, she saw her mother, lifeless. She froze, she said, eventually watching as her mother’s body was dumped in a wheelbarrow and her only parent vanished into the chaos.
“I wanted to kill myself,” Daphne said in a whisper.

The one positive thing that has surfaced from this disaster is the emergence of the one characteristic that I always had faith we hadn’t lost completely…Humanity
My true hope is that after all the dust settles and the initial shock of what has happened to Haiti disintegrates into a memory, we as a people continue to offer support in whichever way we can. Haiti won’t be healed in a day. They will need us months from now..years…
Imagine if our country, our home, our people, were to be dealt this destructive hand, where and how do you see yourself? What would you do…if you were still alive? What could you do…? The ones you love have been taken from you in an instant, your home no longer exists and the utterly helpless feeling of not knowing what comes next plagues your mind and sinks you into despair. Just think for a moment and maybe, just maybe, you will understand just a tiny bit of the very clear and present hell our neighbours have been unfairly forced to adopt.
The anguished bellows of an eleven year old girl trapped under rubble with people clawing through twisted concrete and steel with bare hands to get to her, the pleading cries of a woman buried alive for days telling rescuers to tell her husband that if she dies, she loves him and that her husband never gave up looking for her, finding her and standing at her concrete prison until rescuers arrived, and a man found alive after fourteen days, reminds me that after all, we are still human. We are not supreme, we are not indestructible, however we have humanity which defines us but without which we are lost.
What do you hold on to when everything else has been stripped from you…? The one thing that you take for granted everyday…your life.

Help Heal Haiti, Humanity Heralds Hope.

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