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Wanna join the SubieCrew? Think you got what it takes? As we said in the ‘About’ page, we are a really great group of friends, but we have a code by which we carry out ourselves. To keep SubieCrew tight knit there are criterion for membership

Criteria for Membership

1.) Must want to be a genuine SubieCrew member and not for the hell of it.
2.) Your actions must display you commitment.
3.) Must be an active online poster (Average post per week 15-20)
4.) Must attend meetings and events.
5.) Must be about friendship and comradery before cars.
6.) Must be willing to offer assistance and advice to fellow members.
7.) Must be of impeccable character.
8.) Must contribute to the intellectual content board.

Still here? :D If you can fulfill the criterion, then you may have what it takes. Send an email to admissions at (replace ‘at’ with @ ) letting us know who you are.

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