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In continuous improvement, it is an excellent opportunity for self diversification. To do so, the manager must create an environment in which one would feel safe to voice his opinions. The manager must also be prepared to receive the worst ever feed back without VICTIMISATION. The manager in this case, is a broad term used to cover those individuals not necessarily with managerial skills but those who are humble and mature.
The manager at this point should apply Pareto and Root Cause analysis depending on majority of various responses for [..]

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Trinidad Purchases Online

trinifiedscomTrinidad is a small island just north of South America. It is the last island in the Caribbean chain and boasts a healthy dose of resources that mother nature has bestowed upon us. Because of this bounty, much of the economy is based on energy. Oil and gas in particular. This has forced the country and its people to invest heavily in oil and gas jobs with the Government being the second largest employer. Due to the growth in the economy, because of the oil boom in the early [..]

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Gaming in Trinidad (XBOX, PS3, Wii)

JK EntertainmentI am not an avid gamer but my brothers are. I have always tried to figure out just what it is that is so captivating when one sits down behind a Sony Playstation 3, XBOX 360 or a Wii for that matter. To me it seems like wasting time, hours on end with no tangible accomplishments, yet there are hundreds if not thousands of gamers in Trinidad. [..]

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What have you been reading? (Diyas or Deyas)

You know it always piques my interest to know what really brings persons to one’s site. Is it that they stumble up on it or are people actively looking for something when they are online? The reason I asked this question is because when I look at the logs for, believe it or not we get at least 30 visitors a day looking for what we in Trinidad call Deyas also known as Diyas. This has had me stumped for a few months and I try every which way [..]

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Where is it? (Did we have a recession?)

The main question of this post is about our “Recession” here in Trinidad. When the year started and the US was in big financial difficulty we did feel some of the fallout here in Trinidad. As the year rolled by I have seen and heard of companies cutting back on staff and production but I haven’t really felt the CRUNCH that everyone was talking about. Heck, last week [..]

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The Moonwalk Legend

Well first off, there was no in depth research done on this topic and everything is just off the back of my head. MJ started out in the world of entertainment at the age of 5 along with the rest of his family. We all know the story of that of course. You could say he instantly soared to the top and has been there ever since. After the first molestation report made against him, some people saw him in a different light. But what did they really see? Did they just see a molester? Did anyone see the MJ that never had a childhood? [..]

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Subaru vs SR20

Now if I had named this article SR20 VS EJ20, then there would not be much of an article to write about now would there? The facts, figures, statistics and MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE tells me that an SR20 would outperform an EJ20 anyday anytime period. And don’t even think about moding your EJ20 cause the same mods can be done to the SR20 (for cheaper as well), so there is no escaping [..]

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Planning in Trinidad

p1070003Ever notice, only after a road is paved in Trinidad, WASA passes and digs a trench to put the pipelines, doing a terrible job of fixing back the trench? Why does this happen? Dont the WASA engineers speak to the relevant ministries to find out when the road is going to be paved, do their work and then have the road paved? That just seems like common sense to me. Or like the wonderful waterfront project in Port Of Spain. Mere months before the then Customs Building started construction and even whilst it was being put up, T&Tec [..]

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